Project 1:

Atlantic & Burlington County Sites


60 - Shelter Island


Shelter Island is a former sewage treatment facility located along the Intracoastal Waterway in Ventnor City west of Absecon Island.  The site is heavily vegetated with large trees on the berm of the CDF, surrounded by Phragmities on exterior as well as the interior.  The sewage treatment facility associated with the Ventnor municipal dump directly across Beach Thorofare on the barrier island.  Apparently sludge was concentrated into large bins in the landfill that were trucked away when full.  The liquid waste was treated with chorine gas on site and piped across Beach Thorofare to Shelter Island where it was discharged into the bay waters.  The core attempt was frustrated multiple times on Shelter Island by encountering concrete footings and reinforcing steel bars before successfully completing a core.  The use history was unknown at the time of the field visit.  One auger sample and one core were taken at one sample site in the center of the site.  The samples were composited, and a grain size analysis showed a sand content of 96%.  There has been discussion in the Atlantic City Press about using this site for renewed dredging activity, but thus far no real movement has occurred.